Massage Treatment Prices

MASSAGE PRICES – Western and Eastern Style Massage

Flexible appointment times available including evenings and weekends.
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Although most of our patients are women, we are happy to treat men who have been referred to us by existing clients.


  • £55 for 45 minutes

I specialise in the following styles of massage and often combine different styles and techniques to create a treatment that is specific for your needs, whether you are wanting to release tension and ease pain in specific muscular trouble spots, or relax and re energise!

  • Deep Tissue, Remedial & Swedish Massage
  • Chinese (Tui Na) & Acupressure Massage
  • Facial Rejuvenation & Natural Lift Massage
  • Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage
  • Thai Foot Massage

I tailor every single treatment to your individual needs, with fantastic results, reflected by my client re booking rate of over 87%.

Whether you prefer a more powerful massage tailored to alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress, or a massage treatment to soothe, relax and revitalise a tired body and mind, I have the perfect treatment for you.


A more powerful massage tailored to help alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress, giving attention to certain painful and restricted ‘trouble spots”. I create a massage specific to your needs, that is a fusion of both Eastern and Western massage styles and techniques. This includes Deep Tissue, Chinese and Acupressure massage. My testimonials highlight what a unique massage this is and the fabulous results consistently achieved regarding tension and pain relief.


A massage treatment to soothe, relax and revitalise a tired mind and body I create a fusion massage specific to your needs. This massage will begin by focusing on a the neck, shoulders and back, and include a soothing and rejuvenating Japanese facial and scalp massage treatment and finishes with a traditional Thai foot and lower leg massage. This wonderful treatment promotes overall health, increases energy and provides a general sense of increased well being and helps to alleviate stress related conditions.

Please call me to discuss a treatment that best suits your needs.

Luisa @ Total Body Therapy 07989 485797

Here's what others have to say about their massage treatment with Luisa



Luisa Matassi, what an amazing masseuse! It was a mixture of East and Western massage techniques and unlike anything that I have experienced before. My only complaint was that I didn’t want it to end!

Luisa has a calm and serene personality and I am sure some of that leaked into my body. I not only came home charged with energy but she also managed to clear my blocked nose and my headache also went. I cannot recommend her enough and cant wait to go again.

Hannah , Grange Park

Professional and honest service

After receiving massage treatments from Luisa, I have found them to be very beneficial to my tension related back and neck aches. I would highly recommend her to anyone with similar symptoms and will be continuing using Total Body Therapy as have found they have offered a professional and honest service.

Gary , Winchmore Hill

Out of this world!

The ‘Total Body Therapy’ name is the perfect description for what I experienced today. The girls are positioned in the heart of Winchmore Hill and have the most beautifully designed treatment room that when you walk in you feel your shoulders drop straight away! Then the fusion massage I proceeded to have was out of this world, I have never had a massage that was not only neck, shoulders and back, but also included facial rejuvenation and ended with a Thai foot massage - with so many varied techniques in the middle. I can only recommend you to try it out to really understand how it feels. Out of this world!

Olivia , Enfield

None compare to the treatments I have received with Luisa

Massage on a different level! I have had many massage treatments over the years but none compare to the treatments I have received with Luisa. After every treatment I leave feeling like a different person, energized and totally de- stressed!

Natalie , Enfield

Since having these treatments I have seen a much needed change in my health

Luisa and her magic hands - where to start? I’ve been having regular treatments from Luisa for a year now. I have a very busy life as a student, carer, p/t worker and volunteer that I can’t afford to feel under the weather and it is vital I receive the best treatments possible. Luisa not only listens to what I have to say before a treatment but also listens to the body as she is treating it, which is how I believe she achieves the results she does. I always leave feeling revitalized and eased of any specific aches or tension. Since having these treatments I have seen a much needed change in my health, I feel stronger, which is a must with my busy lifestyle.

Amy , Southgate

I thoroughly recommend this form of treatment

I have been receiving treatments from Luisa for about three months now and the results are truly amazing. As a new mum I was suffering from constant backache and headaches and was desperate for some relief. After a few treatments not only did my aches and pains begin to disappear but I also felt like "me" again. I thoroughly recommend this form of treatment- healthy body, healthy mind

Kat , Winchmore Hill